Supplier – employment requirements

To support increased employment in public procurement, we use the purchasing process. What happens during the various phases can be followed here. Those who are, or who would like to become, suppliers to a public authority can get involved for the entire process.

Illustration of the national model for employment requirements in public procurement.
Illustration of the national model for employment requirements in public procurement. The model is based on the purchasing process.


Are you planning to participate in public procurement with employment requirements? In that case you should prepare well. You can also encourage contracting organisations to set employment requirements in their procurements.

Start by taking the following steps:

  • Find out what employment requirements means for your company or organisation. Information and support are available on this website.
  • Consider what possibilities you have for receiving interns or short-term employees, what tasks need to be done and what skills you need.
  • Contact contracting organisations and express an interest in their setting employment requirements in their procurement contracts.
  • Participate in a dialogue with the contracting organisation prior to the procurement process or contact the public authority and try to encourage dialogue in advance of the procurement process.


The more a contracting organisation knows, the better will be the result. This is where the supplier can be of great help.

Describe the particular needs and circumstances:

  • What sort of skills does your company need?
  • Are there any special situations in the industry (rules, challenges and/or possibilities)?
  • Are there any special local or regional circumstances that affect your ability to employ and/or receive interns?

Implement – find a new coworker

As a successful bidder you are able to receive help in finding and recruiting those whom you would like to offer employment. During the job-matching phase, you will work together with the job-matching service and the contracting organisation.

Following up

When the contractual period draws to a close, the contracting organisation will see how work has gone and check that the requirements have been met. The follow-up is also valuable to suppliers.

  • All procurement contracts with employment requirements must be followed up. Follow-up forms and support can be found under Further information.
  • The contracting organisation follows up all measurable objectives in the special contract terms. General follow-up can be done in connection with recurring appraisal meetings or by filing report forms.
  • All personal data must be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation.